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Baths & Coat Care

Non toxic - Luxury Shampoo and deep coat conditioner. Coat shine, diamond eyes cleaning,blow dry, Spritz of fragrance - Leave your dog smelling clean and wonderful.


Cuts & Trims

Breed-specific cuts and styling. Face,ears,tail,body,rear. Dematting, brushing out to keep your dog clean.


Ears & Nails

Ear plucking and cleaning. Nail clipping + paw trim. Keeps your dog healthy and Vet bills Down!



Complementary bows and other accessories to top it all off. Make your dog a champ!


About me

My love for animals big and small led me to train to become a qualified groomer. I have since opened up a dog grooming salon in Tralee with the support of all of my customers!

I only use professional products and equipment so your pup’s skin is safe.

Having your dog professionally groomed will save you time and energy and I guarantee your dog will feel safe and at home while being groomed – like all of my fluffy friends!

Go to reviews’ or ‘Gallery’ to see for yourself 🙂

€ 25 - € 30
Grooming Offer

I am currently offering everything mentioned above (that your dog needs) for this price.

This offer is limited to availability so book now to secure your place